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2017-18 School Year
[Financial Education 504: Homework & Handouts]

Knowledge to be acquired (all the topics grade 11 students are responsible for learning)

UNIT 1: Consumer Goods and Services
For this unit, students will be taking notes and will be responsible for obtaining any missed notes from their classmates.
There will be quizes every day or every other day. Students are encouraged to review their notes every evening.
Quiz #1: Slides 1-12; Monday, September 25 (Day 4)
Assignment F1.1: Supply & Demand; due the class following Thursday, September 28 (Day 1)
Assignment F1.2: Yearly Personal Budget; due Wednesday, October 18 (Day 1)
  - Example #1 (Legal sized paper, landscape, 1 page)
  - Example #2 (Letter sized paper, portrait, 4 pages)
Assignment F1.3: Questions; due Tuesday, October 24 (Day 5)
  - Please ask for a printed copy of this assignment; it will not be posted online.
UNIT 1 TEST: Class notes (parts 1-3), discussions, assignments; revised date Wednesday, November 1 (Day 4)
  - Part 1: Consumption
  - Part 2: Rights, responsibilities, and remedies
  - Part 3: Consumer credit

UNIT 2: Entering the Workforce
Information not yet available

UNIT 3: Pursuing and Education
Information not yet available

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