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2018-19 School Year
[Financial Education 504: Homework & Handouts]

Knowledge to be acquired (all the topics grade 11 students are responsible for learning)

UNIT 1: Consumer Goods and Services
For this unit, students will be taking notes and will be responsible for obtaining any missed notes from their classmates.
Assignment F1.2: Yearly Personal Budget; due Thursday, October 4 (Day 6)
  - Example #1 (Legal sized paper, landscape, 1 page)
  - Example #2 (Letter sized paper, portrait, 4 pages)
Assignment F1.3: Questions; due Wednesday, October 10 (Day 3)
TEST: Includes content from Part A+B+C of our notes, discussions, and assignments; Tuesday, October 23 (Day 6)
Term Project #F1.1: Advertising
  - For this project, you will have to get a copy of the notes from your teacher.
  - Task #1 due as soon as possible.
  - Task #2 due as soon as possible.
  - Task #3 due Monday, January 14th (Day 3).
  - Task #4 & 5 due as soon as possible after task 3.
  - Task #6 due Monday, January 28th (Day 6).

UNIT 2: Entering the Workforce
Information not yet available

UNIT 3: Pursuing and Education
Information not yet available

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