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2018-19 School Year
[Law 802/812: Homework & Handouts]

UNIT 1: Law, Society, and You
• Unit 1 Notes
• Lady Justice (notes)
• Unit 1 Test (material from your notes, Lady Justice, assignments, videos, discussions); Thursday, September 13 (Day 4)

UNIT 2: Canada’s Legal Heritage & Contract Law
• Assignment 2.2: Intellectual Property (group assignment); First presentations on Monday, October 30th (day 4)
• Unit 2 Test (material from your notes, assignments, videos, discussions); week of November 5th

• Most of the following lessons contain a series of questions and case studies. They will be due the day after they are
  handed out in class.
  > Contract Law, Lesson 1*: What is a contract?
  > Contract Law, Lesson 2*: Categories of contracts and the statute of frauds
  > Contract Law, Lesson 3*: Capacity to contract and unenforceable contracts
  > Contract Law, Lesson 4*: Young people and contracts
  > Contract Law, Lesson 5*: Ending a contract and breach of contracts
  > Contract Law, Lesson 6*: The consumer protection act
  > Contract Law, Lesson 7a*: Intellectual property - copyright
  > Contract Law, Lesson 7b*: Intellectual property - patents, trademarks and industrial designs
  * Special thanks to the Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan (PLEA) for the creation of these
    wonderful handouts, for allowing them to be saved as separate documents and for allowing them to be posted on this
    web site.

UNIT 3: Our Justice System
• For this unit, students will be taking notes from the board and will be encouraged to participate in class discussions.
• Students are responsible for obtaining any missed notes from their classmates.
• Assignment 3.1: Government Structures; due Thursday, November 15 (day 3)
• 25+ crossword puzzle using terminology from unit 3 to be completed in groups of 2; due Monday, December 3 (Day 1)
• Unit 3 Test (material from your notes, assignments, videos, discussions); Wednesday, December 12 (day 2)

UNIT 4: Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities
• Assignment 4.0: Shine a light on slavery; due Friday, January 11 (day 2)
  - Because of the upcoming mid-year exams, no late assignments will be accepted.

UNIT 5: Criminal Law
• Information not yet available

UNIT 6: Youth Justice
• Information not yet available

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