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A Learning and Evaluation Situation (L.E.S.) is a set of complex tasks and learning activities rooted in a context which is linked to a problem or issue. A L.E.S. contributes to the development of subject-specific competencies, draws on various cross-curricular competencies and is contextualized in the broad areas of learning. The completed situational problem allows the teacher to assess specific learning competencies.

UNIT 1: Business communication
For this unit, students will be taking notes and will be responsible for obtaining any missed notes from their classmates.
Assignment 1.1: Business letters; due Tuesday, September 19 (Day 1)
Assignment 1.2: Business envelopes; due Monday, October 2 (Day 3)
Assignment 1.3: Memos; due Tuesday, October 10 (Day 1)
  - Memorandum (example 1)
  - Memorandum (example 2)
Assignment 1.4: CV and cover letter; due Tuesday, October 24 (Day 5)
  - CV template 1.doc
  - CV template 1.pdf
  - CV template 2.doc
  - CV template 2.pdf
  - CV cover letter (example).pdf
Unit 1 Test: Includes material from class notes, assignments, discussions, videos; Thursday, November 2 (Day 5)

UNIT 2: Job interviews
Assignment 2.1: Preparing for a job interview; due Monday, November 20 (Day 5)
Unit 2 Test: Includes material from class notes, assignments, discussions, videos; Monday, December 4 (Day 1)

UNIT 3: Knowing yourself
Assignment 3.1: Matchmaker & My skills; due Friday, January 19 (Day 1)
  - Because of the end-of-term 2, no late assignments will be accepted.
Assignment 3.2: Who am I?; revised due date is Monday, February 12 (Day 3)

UNIT 4: Career exploration
Assignment 4.1: My Careers; due Monday, March 19 (Day 5)

UNIT 5: Employability
Assignment 5.1: Professionalism; due Thursday, March 29 (Day 1)

UNIT 6: Employee rights
Information not yet available

UNIT 7: Starting your own business
Information not yet available

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